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The Story so Far…

Fay’s Bistro

Fay has always been passionate about good food and providing delicious meals for friends and family, so running her own bistro has been a dream come true.

Fay spent a number of years developing contacts with local producers of fabulous food so she could create a foodie’s delight in her bistro.

We make fresh soups, cakes, scones, tarts and our legendary sausage rolls from scratch. We order in fresh fish each week to make our own fish fingers and a customer favourite the Hearty Fish Pie! A local butcher delivers the very best sirloin steak allowing us to deliver a proper steak sandwich that leaves you wanting more.

The personal touch is what it’s all about. Our wide ranging menu is completely customisable to individual tastes, dietary requirements and lifestyle choices With plenty of veggie options, gluten free options and vegan options on the menu. 

Don’t be afraid to ask our staff if anything can be altered to fit your needs. We make to order so it really isn’t a problem to make a tweak here and there to suit your needs.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide catering services for a party or special event. Our venue is also available for private hire! Click here to get in touch with us today.

Delicious Food
To Fit Your Lifestyle.

We offer a wide array of different foods, here at Fay’s. Whether you are just popping in for a coffee and a piece of cake, a sandwich or a more substantial meal, we have it all!

All of our menu items can be tailor made to suit your lifestyle or medical dietary requirements, just ask! 

Planning ahead? Sure, just drop us a message on the contact page to get the ball rolling.

Since 2013

Prepare For Friendly and Personal Service .

Fay is supported by a team of 4 professional chefs, all passionate about food and very proud that we make all of our menu items on the premises. The front of house team really care and strive to deliver the best possible experience for your visit. Most of the team are locals, who have grown up in and around Calne. Don’t be surprised if they know your name, however they also respect that sometimes you just want to enjoy a nice quiet time at the Bistro.

Dog Friendly

We are all dog lovers at the Bistro so your well behaved dog is very welcome both inside and out. We keep all our food on display covered which keeps everyone happy!

Life Is Too Short For Average Food!